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Persian sugar wax

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Another product that “saves my life” is Sugaring Hair Removal/Sugar waxing/Persian waxing. I could even call it Skin Candy. It's an entirely natural vegan wax for pulling out unwanted hair follicles (tissue that surrounds the root of a hair) from their roots, which you can apply at home.

Persian Sugar Waxing Benefits:

  • A less painful alternative to waxing and shaving since the hair is removed in its natural direction of growth and not ripped in the follicle. The paste sticks only to the hair instead of the skin.

  • 100% natural, ecological, sustainable (an alternative to beeswax).

  • Excellent skin softener and exfoliator that can be used on all body areas - Legs • Arms • Underarms • Bikini • Upper Lip • Chin • Eyebrows • MankiniAnd even your toes! 

  • Convenient for people with sensitive skin.

  • Easy to clean up with warm water, hassle-free.

  • Results in your hair growing back softer, slower, and finer.

As a brief history

The sugar base method for hair removal is considered to have initially been an ancient Egyptian art, even used by Cleopatra, a method dating back to 1900 BC.

Sugaring was also known as "sukkar" in the Middle East, "agda" in Egypt, "agda" in Turkey, and "moum” in Iran. Middle Easterners used a hair removal process called body sugaring, involving the application of a natural, sugar-based paste.

Recent rumours circulating on the internet suggest that women have only been removing hair from their legs for the last hundred years or so. However, that may only be true for North American and European women. In Greece and in Arabic and Middle Eastern countries, removing body hair was incredibly important as a hygiene ritual.

My first contact with this meaningful product was through an Egyptian friend. She made a sugaring paste for me at her place in about 30 minutes.

I wasn't convinced until I gave it a try.  After using the traditional methods, like going to the aesthetician, and paying hundreds per year, I couldn’t believe that such a simple method of hair removal existed. I still wonder why in the name of Lord I hadn’t heard this information long before. We often seem to have easy access to complicated and harmful products and difficulty in finding more simple, accessible, and natural ones. I am telling you, we are living in a vicious circle these days.

“Wax is for cars, candy is for skin” ! A Scandinavian brand is now selling sugaring paste using this motto. I totally agree - and indeed, it's clever advertising.

Tips before and after waxing

  • Shower before sugaring so that your skin does not have any excess oils. This will open up the hair follicles, making it easier for the hair to be removed by the wax. 

  • Do not add any deodorant, oils, perfume, lotion, or other skincare products on the areas that will be sugared. To prevent ingrown hairs, I usually exfoliate with a sea salt soak within 24 to 48 hours before sugaring.

  • I tend to apply a small amount of flour or cornstarch if the skin is sweating.

  • After depilation, you can use my ''Shea Butter my Body Bar'' or just apply aloe vera gel to minimize redness and to take off any remaining sugar paste. Do not use coconut oil, olive oil, grape-seed oil or cocoa butter since these are comedogenic oils, which can possibly clog the pores.

  • Keep away from baths or hot tubs after sugaring. Basically, I sugar myself in the evenings to avoid taking a shower until the next day. If you must, take a warm shower, not a bath. The bacteria in the water could cause infection.

  • Stay out of the sun and tanning beds as much as possible on the day of sugaring. Sugared skin is very susceptible to UV rays and may burn more easily.

  • Consider making it a spa day. Give yourself the next hours off of your typical workout routine. Have some tea, turn on some good music and relax, maybe do a face mask.

  • After a few days, exfoliate your skin to avoid ingrown hairs.

the types of Sugar Paste

  1. The "Soft Sugar Wax Method’’ that allows you to apply warm wax to the area and then use strips/depilator paper to remove the hair.

  2. The “Hard sugar wax method” where you roll the cooled wax, stretch it onto the area and then rip it off using only the wax.

In practice, the soft wax version is where the sugar paste is cooked less than for the hard wax method. For the hard wax method, the wax is meant to be thicker, darker, and pliable in your hands. In my experience, I find it challenging to work with a hard texture.

For this reason, I formulated the 1. Soft Version as my Persian Sugar Waxing Product, a more practical method that is easy to apply.

How to Apply

Always perform a patch test before use and discontinue if irritation occurs.

1. Warm the jar for 2-3 minutes in the microwave or 5-7 minutes in a double boiler. Ensure that the paste is WARM (body temperature) and NOT HOT to avoid burning. Sugaring paste must be applied at body temperature to avoid burning. 

The consistency must be similar to the texture of honey, like in the photo on the right. --->

2. When the sugar paste is at a suitable temperature, apply it to your skin with a knife/wooden stick.

Very important: with the soft sugar wax, you apply the sugaring wax in the OPPOSITE direction of hair growth, press the strip down on the wax, and quickly pull

in the SAME direction of hair growth to remove. Use a new piece of the strip if it feels stretchy.

3. If during the depilation, the paste gets hard, you can reheat it for a few minutes in the microwave or bain-marie (water bath or double boiler). If you have paste left over, keep it and use it for the next time.

Sugar naturally helps control cross-contamination and bacteria cannot breed in the sugar paste. Or you can just eat it :) ... Believe me, it smells like Candy.

So don’t beat around the bush...

What if you could do your waxing comfortably at home, on your time and at your own pace :)

Because hair removal should be as pleasant and comfortable an experience as possible, and I want you to experience my triumph. No more drama and budget issues.

SHOP HERE And you’re set!

  • 1 jar soft wax,

  • 10 strips and a wooden stick, so you can start waxing at home.

Enjoy your Candy, and yes, I’d love to know your thoughts!


Julia Maria owner and maker of Grandma's Apothec

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