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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The Benefits of Natural Soap

Proper Cleaning without Toxicity / Environmentally Friendly

Soap is a powerful substance, formulated by some incredible chemistry to enable the cleansing of dirt, germs and grease. Our handcrafted soaps are free of synthetic foaming agents, petroleum byproducts, surfactants that could dry and irritate your skin, and Triclosan as a chemical antibacterial agent. (Access the link to

Natural Soap, with eco-friendly packaging, does not leave any carbon footprint, thanks to the simple processing method in contrast with liquid soaps.

It's also a big advantage for air travel.

Aromatherapy aspect

Natural/artisan soaps made using a cold or hot process method contain precious oils/butters and essential oils from plants which have a positive effect on our body, mind, and soul. For example, natural soaps containing herb-infused oils/essential oils such as chamomile and calendula, are known to reduce skin irritants and have antibacterial properties.

Sounds impressive, right?

When used regularly, natural soap can improve some of the symptoms of skin infections and dryness of the skin, often caused by conventional soaps.

Colour Therapy

This is one of my favourite benefits of natural soaps. I believe that colour is energy. The energy vibration of colour is what you need to improve and balance your physical and emotional state.​ Like aromatherapy, colour can affect our mood, emotions, and spirit.

It affects us on a conscious and subconscious level.

There are more than forty different ways to colour soap naturally through herbs, condiments, plants, clays and flowers. Additional benefits include exfoliation and antioxidants.

Customized Soap

You can get soap customized for your skin. As you know, natural soap can replace many other hygiene products such as shampoo, shower gel, face cleanser, scrub, detergent, shaving foam, etc. So many different types of ingredients can be used to make soap, such as dairy products, bee products, clays, charcoals, seeds, roots, tea, coffee, fruits, vegetables and many others.

Long Shelf Life

Commercial products are typically weighted with preservatives to allow them to remain fresh, which is not the case with natural soap. As a chemical formulation, soap has a long shelf-life. I already experienced this using a bar of soap made three years ago, which I found to be fantastic. Remarkable, right?

Handmade / Homemade

Buying from craftsmen, you are supporting small local businesses. The formulation of soap contains the personality and energy of the person who created it, as their piece of art. This act provides even more assurance that it is made with love and respect rather than by a pre-programmed mechanical device.

So give it a go, make a change and buy handcrafted products.

More extended Usage of Soaps and Shampoo Bars

With the consistency of a bar that hasn't been diluted with water, bar soaps and shampoo bars have a more prolonged usage compared with conventional products. You might be surprised to learn that most brands formulate their shampoos, gels, and toners using anywhere from 70-80% water as an affordable and neutral ingredient.​ This makes the products less expensive to produce, and that means higher profit margins for the producer.

Yes, you read that right. Perhaps next time check the labels before buying a product.

Just saying :)

How about you ? What's your experience with soap so far?


But wait - there's more. Please visit The Alchemy of Soap post to learn more about soap making.

Beauty and Majesty in natural Simplicity!


Julia, owner and maker of Grandma's Apothec.

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