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A story of freshness



Welcome to Grandma's Apothec, Artisanal - Ethical - Natural handcrafted products, kinder to your skin.


My project is very much inspired by my grandmother Maria, who, during my childhood in Transylvania, taught me about the art of living close to nature.

Watching her, I was fascinated by her magical abilities to create just about anything from the things she grew in her garden.

Today this is me, with a heart that yearns for old things.

A heart fascinated by ethnobotany, whereby different cultures around the world have used plants and herbs for health and beauty purposes.

After trying to find my way through the millions of mass-produced ‘care’ products that offer empty promises, I decided to flourish and began to create my own beauty potions using Natural Alchemy.

My formulations feature a unique blend of ingredients and texture, tested on human skin and created with the utmost care and attention.


Each and every formulation, piece of packaging, material, individual article or tool is designed to have a minimal environmental impact.  


Many of my products are suitable for vegans and cater to delicate skin. 


Grandma’s Apothec is not a simple brand, but a set of values, a holistic and green lifestyle.


I hope you will enjoy my creations.




Julia Maria

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