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shampoo bar vs soap

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Have you wondered why Shampoo Bars exist, since we have Crafted Soaps?

I am a soap maker, and I sincerely recommend using Shampoo Bars instead of Soap Bars for cleaning your hair. You may find it odd to have such a recommendation from a soap maker.

Let me explain why! For the past three years, I have created all types of soaps. From face soap to multipurpose household soap, pet soap, detergent-based soap and hair soap.

After I had formulated soaps with beer & vinegar, just to please my hair, I came to the conclusion that my hair is more damaged than ever. Finally, I stopped creating soap for hair, and I focused more on formulating shampoo bars based on ecological surfactants, herbs, and other raw ingredients.

Don't get me wrong, soap definitely cleans your hair, but it's also very possible that it will damage it as well - causing drying, excess oil removal, hair breakage, buildup, etc.

Now... you are probably saying... so what's the problem?

The issue is the pH - yes, the pH.

The pH of the skin is totally different from the pH of the scalp and hair follicle.

Let's see exactly how this works!

Soap is formed when fats/oils and water react with a strong alkali (NaOH). Lye is a chemical substance made from salt or wood ash. Yep! we're talking about organic chemistry. As a result, we will obtain a soap with a range of pH between 8-10.

What about the hair and scalp pH? Take a look at this chart...

Fact: pH hair is between 5 and 6. You bet! At this point, you realize that the soap pH could be too harsh on your delicate hair.


According to the current literature, the usage of shampoo with a pH higher than 5.5 may increase friction and cause frizz and hair breakage. For more research visit National Institutes of Health - The Shampoo pH can Affect the Hair: Myth or Reality?

After washing my hair with the Ayurvedic Shampoo and Conditioner Bar
Healthy and Natural Hair

Good news!!

we have botanicals

for your hair.

If you are interested in all three,

why not try out our Hair Set!

Grandma's Apothec Botanical Shampoo Bar is Free of:

  • Plastic packaging.

  • Detergents, such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and petrochemical ingredients that are linked with dry hair, a sticky scalp and dandruff.

  • Use your water! Waterless products creates a more potent formula, not diluted with a mass of water, which is an inactive ingredient.

  • Silicone and preservatives.

  • Cruelty-free.

We use Active beneficial ingredients:

  • Sodium Coco Sulphate as an EcoCert/COSMOS-approved ingredient, a coconut-based and biodegradable surfactant and non-toxic foaming agent. Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI) is readily biodegradable and is a gentle and well-tolerated surfactant that provides a great lather and foam.

  • Using valuable active ingredients and excellent raw materials, a concentrated, mild and gently nourishing firm shampoo is created. It includes Ayurvedic herbs, botanicals, butter and rice vinegar for their conditioning and soothing properties. The result is naturally beautiful and shiny hair.

  • Travel-friendly with minimal packaging.

More extended Usage of Soaps and Shampoo Bars

With the consistency of a bar without being diluted in water, bar soaps or/and the shampoo bars have a more prolonged usage compared with the conventional products.

You might be surprised to learn that most brands formulate their shampoos, gels, and toners using anywhere from 70-80% water as an affordable and neutral ingredient.​ This makes products less expensive to produce, and that means higher profit margins for the producer.

Yes, you read that right. Perhaps next time you'll really take into consideration switching to Shampoo Bars. Just saying :).

What other ideas can you add to this list that I may not have mentioned?

If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you!


Julia Maria,

Owner and maker of Grandma's Apothec.

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