• use YOUR water
  • Ayurvedic concept for conditioning hair
  • Helps your hair stay clean longer, reduce washing hair
  • free of sulphates, preservatives, silicones & mineral oils 
  • travel-friendly with minimal packaging, free of plastic  
  • Years of shelf life.            


Botanical Powders, traditionally, are the oldest and most pure form of a cosmetic that was ever created. Regarded as one of the most sacred ayurvedic cosmetics that has healing properties for your hair.


Made with simple yet powerful ingredients, like botanicals powders and essential oils. All to be transformed into a fresh paste with a hot liquid like water, tea, coffee. 


Shiny, texture for soft, nourished hair, with an eco-friendly approach. 

The paste of these ayurvedic powders helps promote luxuriant hair. Even as it controls hair loss. It stimulates hair roots and promotes hair growth. This apart, it prevents scalp infection and controls premature graying of hair.


Active beneficial ingredients:

  • Nettle - rich in vitamins B, C, K and minerals such as potassium, silica, iron and calcium boost a healthy scalp, which produces stronger and healthier hair. Likewise, Nettle is also believed to improve the condition of wave curl due to its anti-frizz properties.
  • Rosemary & Eucalyptus- their stimulating and restorative herbal properties are a perfect match for hair. Rosemary is known to keep the hair follicles healthy and possibly prevents hair loss.
  • Proteins from Beer help repair damaged hair and restore its structure. Strengthens the hair.
  • Amla -  in Ayurvedic medicine, is referred to as a superfood for the hair. Alma is used for centuries by Indian women as a natural conditioner, minimizes hair loss and encourages healthy hair growth.
  • Cassia - suitable for all hair textures, cassia obovata can work wonders when it comes to conditioning. It is packed with naturally occurring nutrients that can help restore and renew your hair.
  • Fenugreek - is an excellent remedy for hair fall. It is also one of the best solutions for dandruff and is known for its ability to boost scalp health.
  • Clay -  tends to be full of minerals, which cleanse the scalp off excess oil, nourish hair strands and stimulate blood flow.

Botanical Hair Set

SKU: 0024

    Massage the Shampoo Bar all over the hair, using a small quantity. after the Botanical Paste. If pieces of the Shampoo bar are left, add them to a small jar with hot water (50ml max). You will create a liquid shampoo that you can use a few times.


    1. Take a bowl, add all the dry ingredients and mix well, then add the hot liquid of your choice. 

    3 tablespoons for short hair, 4 tablespoons for shoulder-length hair, up to 6 tablespoons for waist-length hair. 1 - 2 cups of hot liquid.

    2. Using the applicator, mix all the ingredients to make a paste that is not too thick nor too runny or lumpy. The consistency should be enough to spread over your hair smoothly.

    3. Apply this paste to your hair, massage this mixture, for at least 5 minutes before using the bar shampoo. U can also use the past without using a shampoo. Avoid chemical shampoos.

    4. Wash it off with plenty of lukewarm water. Avoid hot water in your hair or when drying it with the diffusor.

    The conditioner paste can be applied a list once per week. It is a great replacement for a regular hair conditioner. 

    Using the paste as a Hair Mask:

    It can be used as a mask up to 4 times per month. Proceed with the same steps as the conditioner paste.

    Use the paste on dry hair for longer than 1 hour. 

    U can add to the past ingredients like yolk, avocado, lemon juice or few drops of your oil of choice.

     - This formulation doesn't lather up -



    Application for Scalp

    Apply while deeply massaging your scalp. Leave the product on for a few hours before washing your hair with the Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar. If possible, we recommend warming the oil gently to allow the oil to deeply penetrate the hair cuticle. Tip - place the oil bottle for 2-3 minutes into boiled water to warm the oil. To be used as a treatment once per week.

    Used for Styling

    Add a few drops of the oil to your palm. Apply from the ends to mid-length of the hair and leave in. Apply a few days a week.

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